Bamboo Compliance

Compliance with Australian Standards:

AS 1926.1 Swimming Pool Safety - Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools

Relevant Standards Relating to Half Raft Bamboo Panels:


A barrier shall be designed and constructed so that it will restrict access by young children. The barrier shall be a permanent structure.

Barriers may be constructed from any durable material, provided the barrier complies with the requirements of this Standard. (Bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel).

A barrier other than a retaining wall, shall be vertical or lean away from the pool by not more than 15°. The Bamboo panels are installed Vertically.


2.3.4 Surface projections and indentations

Projections and indentations, or any combination thereof, within the NCZ 1, shall not form a horizontal surface with a depth greater than 10 mm.

There are no surface projections, indentations or footholds greater than 10mm.


2.3.5 Horizontal components

In addition to the relevant requirements of Clause 2.2, barriers less than 1800 mm in height shall comply with the following:

(a) No barrier shall incorporate a horizontal component within NCZs 1 and 2, with a top surface depth greater than 10mm nor any component, that can be used as a handhold or foothold, unless such top surface is sloped at not less than 60° from the horizontal plane. There are no handholds or footholds and the horizontal stitching is a non issue as the stitching is approximately 3mm. The stitching is not structural and is decorative only.


(d) Rails or other components or items on the inside of barriers shall not constitute holds for climbing where the opening between vertical components is not greater than 10 mm. This is also a non issue as the gap between the bamboo sticks is very tight and is less than 10mm. It is impossible to use the horizontal slat behind the cross stitching as a stepping point



The bamboo poles are screwed to the horizontal bamboo slat backing making a very strong and solid panel.
The coconut ropes are decorative and not structural. They are 3mm so can’t be used as a handhold or foothold.

The gaps between the bamboo sticks are much less than the 10mm requirement. Therefore it is impossible to use the bamboo slats as a handhold or foothold.

The advantage of half bamboo compared to full round bamboo is that no water can sit inside and rot the bamboo from the inside. All water drains away

The horizontal slats are bamboo which won’t rot like the timber slats do

The bamboo slats are recessed into the bamboo sticks so that the whole back of the panel sits flat. This allows for an easy installation.

The gaps between the bamboo sticks are much less than the 10mm requirement. Therefore it is impossible to use the bamboo slats as a handhold or foothold. The bamboo panels are installed by drilling a hole through the bamboo sticks and inserting a screw. They can be installed to any existing fence or frame.

Bamboo Capping is available if a certifier still has any structural issues with the bamboo panels. Capping comes in 2m lengths.

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